Dreamy Autumn

The brown leaves crumbling, yes, they are,The red ones, too, they crunch, under the car.It’s such an orange feeling, yes,The mellow leaves are everywhere in a mess.Under the orange trees, you’d like to lay,Some people would want forever to stay.Some people, near the yellow leaves, would like to walk,Others would like to play in the red leaves and talk.Sure, I can’t experience this all,Because Autumn doesn’t seem to answer Pune’s call.But that doesn’t stop the season’s light, which is a beam,I should just enjoy it in my daydream!
BTW, Pune is the city I live in, which is in India. I hope you liked it!!~Renee

Eye For Life

Hello!My mom has a poetry blog too! It's called Eye For Life, here's the link:-!Some of my poems are there too! I hope you like that blog!~Renee

Death Wish

I saw my life flash before my eyes,I wondered how would be the cries.I sunk into death’s trap,Around me I let death wrap.I took death’s bait,And I left before my fate.Then, I thought, “Life isn’t that hard.”I started missing my backyard.I started missing my dog, Tony,I started missing my aunt who was bony.I started missing both of my parents,And how they would urge me to take in more nutrients.I started missing my friends’ words,And how they came rushing in herds.I realised, life, I didn’t want to give up,That of course life won’t be as easy as tea in a cup.I started to regret,I wished I hadn’t taken the bet.I wished things hadn’t down-spiralled at this rate,I thought to myself, “Now it’s too late.”Death, just as I was about to get sucked into,Against my face, the wind blew.I opened my eyes, I was looking down,

Life In Its Forms

Life isn’t like a melody,But more like a piano song with a complex body.Life isn’t the like the alphabet,But more like numbers, with the reproduction set.Life isn’t like the sunshine,But more like the ups and downs like the sunset and sunrise.Life isn’t like fairytales,But more like the true accounts and tales.Life isn’t what you expect,But it’s better than to neglect.By neglect, I don’t mean stay all alone,But rather, wishing to be dead, down to the bone.Bad times, there’ll be some,But life is awesome!!!~Renee

The World Of Books

Maybe I’ll read a romance,Which will all start in the country of France.Maybe I’ll read some drama,Or a book about a llama.Maybe I’ll read some horror,Or the tale of a lost explorer.I’ll go exploring in the world of books,And maybe read a book for cooks.I’ll get lost in the story of a girl,Who could survive the wind’s mighty hurl.I’ll read the tale of brave Jack,Who was once trapped in a sack.I’ll read classics once in a while,For example, something like The Green Mile.I’ll read someone’s biography,Or I’ll study geography.I’ll be indulged in the book so much,That to awaken me, I would need a touch.This world, I’ll hang onto by hooks,Cause this is The World Of Books!~Renee.

That Little Girl

That little girl, had such tiny locks,
That little girl, wore such itty-bitty crocs.
That little girl, was so very meek,
That little girl, many sweets she would seek.
That little girl, had eyes filled with wonder,
That little girl, would be scared of a little thunder.
That little girl, was not that good at speaking,
That little girl, found surprises and would be left peeking.
That little girl, would sometimes be scared,
That little girl, didn’t realise many people cared.
That little girl, was not that worried about looks,
That little girl, listened to many stories read to her from books.
That little girl, knew almost nothing of the future,
That little girl, thought she was a nearby watcher.
That little girl, now is growing up,
That little girl, now grown up, is writing this, sipping at her cup.~Renee.


Happiness, what really is it?
People feel it when they get fit.
Happiness, what does it mean?
People feel it when their skills are seen.
Happiness, is it easy to get?
Not for the people, who like to fret.
Happiness, are you there?
Or can you not be seen, like air?
Men find happiness in lives,
In none other, than their wives.
Happiness and love, is it one?
Or is it chaos, roughly undone?
I’m talking about happiness, by myself,
For me, one of my joys is books on a shelf.
Happiness is present in many forms,
Sometimes, to find it, we have to go through life’s storms.
Finding happiness is not so easy,
Once we’re grown up and life’s not too breezy.
People who find happiness quick,
Are the ones who enjoy life and don’t worry too much about life’s burning wick.
I don’t mean that we should be careless,
Our emotions and feelings are already a meaningful mess.
Bad times in life will leave scars,
But that doesn’t we should be away from happiness, behind bars.
So, in life, keep on searching,One day, you’ll find happiness…

My Nani's House

In Diwali the house is at its best,It’s like there is it’s own little fest.
Close by, my nani has many friends,
They don’t have any broken bonds to mend.
There are many AC’s for us,
So we don’t make a big fuss.
My nani makes many sweets,
Just in time for all our meets.
It was just my nana’s birthday today,
It was wonderful you could say.
Even though there is no backyard,
There are plenty of flowers which my nani will guard.
Sure, there are many buildings in the view here,
But, the sunset visible to us, is dear.
Luxurious in the house are the rooms,
Where pretty decor looms.
In the living room, there is a big painting,
Because of it, the artist in me will ring.
There are many photos, of childhood me,
You won’t understand the beauty of the house until you come and see.
Written by me in 2020. ~Renee.

My Dadi's House

My Dadi's house is so big,It's like there are many treasures to dig.
Though here mosquitoes have made their home,
There's plenty of space to run and roam.
We went up to the highest point of the house one day,
And a beautiful sight we saw, we could say.
In the porch, there is a swing,
In the morning, we can hear the birds sing.
In total, there are upto 11 rooms,
That also excluding the bathrooms.
To believe, it's hard that's true,
There are also many delicacies which my dadi will brew.
Cats will also roam into our house,
Even though, there is not a single mouse.
First, there used to live a family of 5,
A mom, a dad, a brother and two sisters were in this hive.
I come here for the holidays,
And I love this place in many ways.
Written by me in 2020. ~Renee.


We have different types of GodsWho are our lords

Some are Hindu,
Some Christian,
Some Sikh,
Some even the ones we don’t know

Their names are Ganesha with a trunk
Krishna who is blue
And even Jesus Christ who died to save us

We must have faith in God
To see Him in our minds,
Coz GOD created us!
Written by me in 2018. ~Renee.